Vivaldi scrollbar mod [Hybrid extension/mod]

* Follow any instruction to avoid vivaldi hangs or color mess in webpages or other extensions.
* Remove hooks and any change in browser.html if Vivaldi is misbehaving.

What is this?
An extension to change the scrollbars following the Vivaldi theme.

An extension..for scrollbars?
Scrollbars are not part of the browser (Vivaldi) but of the webpage, so they need an extension.

Why I can’t use a plain userscript/extension for that?
Actually you can, but it won’t follow Vivaldi theme, as regular extensions can’t access to Vivaldi UI (yet)

PREREQUISITE: To get start with vivaldi modding read the guide to tweaks browser.html

How to install

  1.  [Download the mod]
  2. Open JS folder and look how to install the js mod. Look at the readme too!
  3. Look at the readme in vscroll folder to see how to install the extension
  4. Follow the steps and you are done.

Credits: httpcss.js is originally based on a nice script made from Sporif

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