Extensions showcase

My favourite extensions for vivaldi.
Most of them are compatible but some can have minor issues – usually due chromium jumps/minor bugs – but still working.
Look also sticky thread about not working extensions.


  • Even the extensions from the store could be infected;
    Chromium now should check and disable them if they are doing something awkard – like injecting ads in tabs – but checking their feedback before install is always a good idea;
  • Any extension take an amount of system resources (CPU/GPU/RAM) and it often impacts browser performances, pages rendering and their contents.
  • Crx packed extension can be opened with any zip program. They’re actually archives.
  • Unpacked extensions basically are extracted crx. In most cases they don’t do auto updates.

The ones I consider “essential” have a > sign before. But feel free to choose yours.
Unlinked ones can be easily found in store while others have a link to download it.

  • _blank
    Paint a purple border on links which will open in a new tab
  • Auto overlay remover
    If you browse sites with nasty overlays.
    Chromium is working on this
  • > Bulk download images(zig)
    Mass images downloader
  • Chrono download manager
    An alternative to the stock chrome://downloads (with more options) or the vivaldi download panel.
  • Cookie autodelete
    Handle cookies so you can decide what keep and what remove for any site. Won’t clean local storage. Hope Vivaldi will fix this, but not easy I guess.
  • Colorzilla
    Color picker. I hope this will be native.
  • Death to _blank
    Remove all redirects but slow down the browser.
  • > Force background tab
    It will open any tab in background when on.
  • > Flash video downloader
    Used to work, but latest versions don’t work as expected and the older won’t work forever, I fear.
  • > Floating player
    Open video streams in a popup.
  • I don’t care about cookies
    Block annoying “this site use cookies” in European countries where any site should say if they are using cookies.
  • Imagus
    Image preview on mouse hover.
  • > Imtranslator
    A complete translator with useful options.
    A better alternative to G-translate which has issues.
  • MEGA
    Used as workaround to download big files from their servers. Bug was fixed 🙂
  • > OneTab – send tabs – even pinned/stacked – to only one showing a page with their links.
    Help to shrink cpu/ram usage while keeping the tabs in place.
  • > NanoAdBlocker / UblockOrigin
    Poweful adblockers. Read here if you have popup issues
  • > NanoDefender
    Companion of NanoAdBlocker. Unlock sites which locks adblockers.
  • > Pagezipper
    Auto load next page (work on most sites)
  • Popup blocker (strict)
    Handle popups and redirects.
    Could need whitelisting sites you need.
  • > Popout video player
    As floating player, but seems to be more functional.
    Issues on latest snapshot(?)
  • > Recursive bookmark sorter
    The only way to auto sort bookmark bar in A/Z order for both folders and files.
    Workaround for chromium/vivaldi missing feature. Need sorting on “manual”
  • Skip redirects
    In test, no particular impacts of performance. Just skip redirects.
    You might need whitelisting sites you use often.
  • Simple ext manager
    Button for a quick access to all your extensions.
  • > Scriptjager
    Scriptblocker by an_dz. As Umatrix but lighter and easy to use.
  • Smart https
    Load sites in secure protocol or fallback in http.
    Useful but heavy on ram. Some sites could show a garbaged https page (as they are still on http)
  • Stylus/stylebot
    Change css style of webpages (both are fork of stylish)
  • The great discarder/suspender
    Discard/suspend (unload/hibernate) tabs after “x” time with regex support.
    Newer chromium actually discard tabs on low ram/high cpu but don’t allow to choose on which sites.
  • Tab count
    Says how tabs/window did you opened in its button.
    Worth saying also Vivaldi window panel also do this.
  • Tree tabs
    Webpanel which show your tabs in tree style.
  • > Tumblr collage
    A faster way to browse user galleries/archives.
  • Umatrix
    Powerfuil scriptblocker. Read here if you have popup issues.
  • > User agent switcher for chrome
    Often used when vivaldi is mis-detected for a site fault.
  • > Vivaldi forum mod (by luetage)
    Collection of forum mods/themes if you come here often.
  • Video autoplay blocker
    Prevent autoplay of html5 videos: it acts like the old “click to play”.
    Chromium is working on this.

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